Hey, we’re Truss Beverage Co.™

We’re not a cannabis company. We’re a beverage company.
We’re crafting a new space at the intersection of the beverage world and the cannabis frontier.

Deep down, we’re craftspeople, dedicated to creating a whole new world of drinks as diverse as the population that will enjoy them. We’ve put a lot of thought into our products and believe our beverages are a great way to explore cannabis. Our meticulous attention to detail leads us every day to wonder; and then, we bottle it.

Bottling Wonder in Belleville.

Laying our roots down in the town of Belleville, Ontario, we are proudly reclaiming and reenergizing 183,600 square feet of once-abandoned space to craft the world’s best cannabis beverages. Supported by our partners at Molson Coors and HEXO, our dynamic bottling plant is filled with a team of mixologists who dedicate themselves to dream up and craft wonderful beverages.

A Predictable Experience. And That’s How We Like It.

We believe the cannabis experience should be consistent. Always. In other words, people should know what to expect. The risks of overconsumption due to wait times in the typical edible experience just does not work for us. So, we do things a little bit differently, breaking down our cannabis into tiny drops that are water soluble and absorbed by the body more efficiently. This way, the effects may be felt faster than a typical edibles experience (as little as 15-20 minutes*). As people explore the cannabis beverage space, we believe that there is a way to provide a more controlled and predictable experience. Please sip responsibly.

Taste Above Everything

Have you ever heard someone describe cannabis as delicious? Well, that’s what we’re after every day. Taste matters to us. And as beverage specialists we think the cannabis beverage experience should taste great.

The drinks we make are bright in flavour, with surprising hints of naturally sourced botanicals and fruit flavours. Everyone has their own tastes and we know taste is personal, which is why everything we make, we make delicious.